Mobile enabling business processes is the key to business growth with smartphone usage overtaking PC usage.

There a number of mobile platforms today with Android dominating with over 50% market share, followed by Apple IOS, Microsoft Windows 10 Phone and others.

In order to service mobile users on all the above platforms, the mobile application today needs to have native apps for at least Android and IOS and web application that is responsive and adapts to various browser and screen form factors.

Following a traditional approach to applications developement, it is very time consuming to design and test for many different form and screen sizes while constantly accomodating the increasing feature requests from customers and users. Besides managing muliple code bases can become a nightmare over time as the application requirements keep evolving.

Hence we have developed this training curriculum to address the above requirements so that developers can maximize their productivity by automatically building, testing and deploying applications to multiple target platforms based on a shared codebase.

The training duration of 80 hours over 3 months will cover the following topics:

Training Content and Schedule - Duration 3 months

MODULE A : Developing for Android using Eclipse and Android Studio - 40 hrs

To get the Advanced Level course, candidates must have the Foundation knowledge of Android App Development and sufficient live practical experience or Starts with MODULE A. MODULE A syllbus given seperatly.

MODULE B: Working with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to Create Mobile Web Applications – 20 hrs

The Mobile Web Development course assumes students are familiar with both HTML development and CSS development to create rich web experiences. Instead of introducing those two technologies, the course jumps in, head first, into HTML5. It then transitions into an examination of new Cascading Style Sheet features provided in CSS3. Last, the course examines how to combine those two with JavaScript to create a rich mobile web application on common smart phones and tablets, including the iOS and Android devices.

  • Introduction to HTML5
  • Migrating to CSS3
  • Bootstrap CSS Framework
  • Javascript Frameworks
  • AngularJS
  • Browser Local Storage
  • Debugging

MODULE C: Front-end and mobile hybrid development, build back-end support, and implement a

                   fully functional Full stack application – 20 hrs

Single Page Applications or SPA as popularly known make use of HTML5, Front end Java script frameworks to provide a fluid and native like experience

On the server side, you’ll learn to implement NoSQL databases using MongoDB, work within a Node.js environment, and communicate to the client side through a RESTful API. You’ll also learn to create hybrid mobile applications, using the Ionic framework and Cordova.

  • Single Page Applications
  • Hybrid Application Architecture
  • PhoneGap/Cordova platform
  • Server side Javascript node.js
  • NoSQL Databases. MongoDB
  • API management and security
  • Polyglot Persistence
  • Server Side Frameworks
  • Full Stack frameworks
  • SaaS Cloud integrated appications
  • PaaS Cloud development
  • IaaS Agile development workflow